Vision and Mission

CONA's Vision: 
CONA is committed to maintaining its stature as a leading community organization for building a safe, high quality, and seamless city in order to meet the current and future needs of our diverse community. The vital role CONA plays in strengthening and advocating for neighborhoods through our many initiatives and activities contributes to a city of neighborhoods offering quality of life, and embracing mutual respect and appreciation among all peoples.

CONA's mission is to:

  • Unite existing neighborhood organizations dedicated to protecting, improving and promoting their area and to foster the formation of such organizations
  • Provide education, training and guidance for neighborhood leaders in marshalling resources to better their community
  • Expand the pool of skilled and motivated neighborhood and community leaders.
  • Provide a resource for sharing of information and tools for neighborhood development
  • Promote communication and cooperation between member organizations and the community at large
  • Provide a forum for member organizations and act as their advocate with the City of Saint Petersburg and other local, state, and federal government agencies and officials

2015 Nomination Slate - Elections are held at our December meeting

President   Marlene Murray
1st Vice President  Greg Allan
2nd Vice President  Ed Carlson
Secretary  Judy Landon
Treasurer  Faye Jackson
Public Safety  Ed Carlson
Audit  David Roman
Nominating  Richard Meeker
Membership  Tom Lally
Codes  Judy Ellis
Land Development and Historic Resources  Judy Landon
Leadership  Ingrid Comberg