CONA Goals (2016-17)

CONA's Goals are reviewed and updated annually at our GOALS WORKSHOP.

These are CONA's 2016-17 Goals and Accomplishments:

Communication/Marketing/ Education/Leadership

  • Develop Subject Matter Resource List
  • Create Workshops on a regular basis for neighborhood development
  • Create a Repository of neighborhood tools i.e.: increase membership, newsletters, bylaws, etc.
  • Create Links for City items and Education
  • Find ways to market CONA
  • Expand Leadership Class and improve
  • Create a list of experts for resource

City Advocacy

  • Educate on the Development Review Process (LDR,DRC,CPPC)
  • Work with the city for an email based subscription
  • Have meeting with Mayor and City Council and Neighborhood Leaders at least once a year
  • Economic Development in Empty Shopping Centers
  • Ensure Waterfront Park Protection
  • Getting all roads paved in the city
  • Address Traffic level of service calming, downtown parking and residential parking

Neighborhood On-going Issues

  • Continue to work with codes on: yard parking, derelict properties, slum lords, property maintenance
  • More Police visibility and Community Police  Presence
  • Work with Police and neighborhoods to help eradicate drugs, crime and prostitution
  • Ensure regular updates on policing and reports for neighborhoods

Improve Neighborhood Associations

  • Provide Neighborhoods Help to be safe and desirable providing them with a variety of tools and information
  • Find ways to develop a stronger rapport between neighborhoods and their local businesses
  • Help Neighborhoods increase membership, and communicate with their residents
  • *Refer to Communication Goals for additional goals in this area

CONA's 2016-17 Accomplishments

Much has happened this past year with C.O.N.A. and the City Leadership. Our Committees have been meeting and working with Mayor Kriseman and city department heads on a regular basis. Additionally, we are meeting with City Council members to press for action on neighborhood issues and priorities. 

Some of our 2016 activities included (1)  Drafting Land Development Regulations for City Zoning, (2) Monitored, participated in and recommend revisions to the City’s Pier Plan and Waterfront Master Plan, (3) Established and maintained communication with Police Department, aimed at improving community liaison work with neighborhoods, (4) Work closely with the Codes Department, sharing information and feedback from neighborhoods, (5) Monitored and spoke on behalf of issues important to neighborhoods, such as bus shelter signage, school zone enforcement, pile-driving in neighborhoods, sustainability and sewerage dumping, and (6) Participated in 1st Annual Crescent Lake Festival with a CONA booth, literature and map of all neighborhoods and association. We will providing additional details on our 2016 activities and accomplishments in the CONA Annual Report for 2016.

Going forward CONA will be conducting a Goals Retreat in early 2017. Additionally, we will be developing  Neighborhood Association Workshops in response to neighborhood issues; i.e. Ways to increase membership, fundraising, increasing volunteerism and participation, Social Media issues, and other's.