CONA Goals (2017-18)

2017-2018 Goals Workshop - Summary

Public Safety: 

  • "CSOs in a box” - Gain consensus and uniformity regarding the role, objectives and expectations of Community Service Officers in all neighborhoods
  • Pedestrian/Bike/Car - Improve safety and convenience throughout the city
  • Lighting - Ensure that lighting throughout the neighborhoods contributes to the safety of neighborhoods and also that any issues are dealt with in a timely manner

Codes Enforcement:

  • Codes Committee to continue the work they have been doing while staying abreast of neighborhood issues and working with neighborhoods on their issues of concern


  • Focus on Marketing - Increase Visibility of CONA and the neighborhoods
  • Develop a CONA event and project

City Commitment:

  • Work with City to increase the budget for neighborhood support and public safety
  • Establish and update Master/Neighborhood Plans
  • Reach agreement with the city as to CONA’s and neighborhood’s roles in the planning and execution processes


  • Improve communications to and from the city
  • Continue implementation of CONA’s 2016 Goals
  • Implement the city’s Email based subscription service
  • Work in advance on 2018 Goals Workshop
  • Communicate Seminars in advance and broadly
  • CONA to work with other organizations ie: Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Economic Development:

  • Develop a plan to insure Balanced Growth
  • Include neighborhood input in the planning process