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CONA Goals (2018-19)

Deveoped at the CONA Goals Workshop 10/13/2018

Communications (utilize to accomplish goals and measure accomplishments)
•    Coordinate among City, CONA, neighborhoods on better use of all communication tools
          o    Implement a city department email subscription list capability
          o    Solicit suggestions, ideas and best practices from all constituents
          o    Improve neighborhood’s distribution of CONA/city information to their residents
•    Work with City Council in each District to increase communications sharing of contacts (email distribution lists, etc.)
•    Engage City Council and neighborhoods on consistently using tools and methods to get the word out - i.e. Town Halls, Newsletters, E-Mail blasts, etc.

•    Set up PR campaigns with individual neighborhoods to help with speeding, locking cars, etc.
•    Support Police Dept. with improving MLK Day process and help with communications
•    Engage Police to help with Section 8 Housing and better standards and enforcements
•    Encourage use of Eagle Eye program when conducting investigations in neighborhoods

Public Safety
•    Work with City to replace street signs that are no longer reflective or otherwise damaged
•    Provide an education campaign regarding bicycles ( working with bike shops as well)
•    Develop a plan for better lighting, crosswalks and more sidewalks
•    Engage Neighborhoods in Emergency Management plans / teams (Use of CERT)

•    Improve Codes monitoring and enforcement of highly visual areas, e.g., sweeps
•    Improve ratio of Proactive/Reactive enforcement (need to increase proactivity)
•    Develop Neighborhoods teams to walk community and list areas of concern to report to Codes

CONA Resources
•    Provide a resource for Grant Writing help to neighborhoods
•    Increase Midtown neighborhood’s participation and membership in CONA
•    Work with City on Department to publish detailed organizational charts and phone numbers
•    Provide CONA assistance with membership, bylaws, finances, etc to neighborhoods
•    Insure CONA’s continued growth and viability by creating a standing fundraising / event Committee and conduct at least one fundraising event in 2019

Zoning and Planning
•    Perform a review of Zoning, Building, Permitting, and Inspection processes (joint with city staff)
•    Improve consistence of enforcement of land development regulations and other LDR-related ordinances

Economic Development
•    Team with city to find ways to improve/redevelop underutilized retail space (e.g., events)
•    Encourage City Council to work with neighborhoods in their Districts to create a District plan