2018 Neighborhood Leadership Program

APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEGINING SEPTEMBER 1st FOR THE CONA LEADERSHIP PROGRAM WHICH BEGINS IN JANUARY, 2018.  Registration will run until December 10th or until the thirty class slots are filled.

Our Program's Purpose and Mission:
St. Petersburg’s most important asset is its people. The combination of citizen participation and active neighborhoods has contributed to the improvement of the quality of life in our city. As we continue to meet the challenges of today’s urban community, citizens and neighborhoods play an important role in preserving and improving what is best about our city. As a result, the quality of neighborhood leadership becomes even more important.

The CONA Neighborhood Leadership Program has been developed to ensure that St. Petersburg has a continuing base of knowledgeable and talented people ready to step into Leadership positions.

1. To broaden potential neighborhood leaders’ understanding of the community;
2. To expand the pool of skilled neighborhood Leaders;
3. To encourage the establishment of networks among neighborhood leaders;
4. To enhance the ability of neighborhoods to resolve problems on their own or in cooperation with other neighborhoods and/or institutions and;
5. To introduce participants to decision-makers in our City and County governments, and throughout our community.