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LED Streetlight Project

The city of St. Petersburg has completed negotiations with Duke Energy to retrofit our existing streetlights with updated LED fixtures. The new fixtures will be cheaper to operate, have longer life, and be less expensive to maintain than our current lights.

In June, 2016 the American Medical Association issued a position paper recommending that LED streetlights have a "correlated color temperature" (CCT) light of no more than 3000 degrees Kelvin (K), which is about the color of a halogen bulb. The reason for this recommendation is that traditional LED lighting, with a 'cooler' bluish tint allegedly can interfere with human sleep patterns and have other negative effects on human health.

During discussions with Duke Energy it was revealed that they were planning to install 4000K LED fixtures in St. Petersburg, which would be contrary to the AMA recommendations as well as those of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

When these plans were revealed CONA asked the city to take the following steps:

1) Freeze any installation of retrofit LED fixtures until the AMA, IDA, and other feedback on this issue could be considered.

2) Insure that our negotiations with Duke Energy result in the city's ability to have a say in the type, style, model, etc. of the retrofit fixtures and that we have control of the color temperature of the selected fixtures.

3) Perform a small pilot project with the recommended fixture(s) so that input can be received from both neighborhoods and businesses.

After months of discussion, research, and negotiations Duke Enegery agreed to adopt the 3000K standard, and in early January 2018 the conversion of our city's streetlights began.

Credit goes to Mayor Rick Kriseman, Director of Engineerind Brej Prayman, and the city staff for their willingness to engage the neighborhoods in the data gathering and decision making process.

Mayor's press announcement:

Project Status Report (mid-2018):