No Solicitation Ordinance

New city ordinance now in effect:

Sec. 20-104. - Notice on private premises to prohibit distribution.

It shall be unlawful for any person to ring the doorbell or otherwise summon an occupant of a residence to the door for the purpose of soliciting, or to distribute, deposit, place, throw, scatter or cast or cause the distribution, placing, throwing, scattering or casting of any handbill upon any premises if requested by anyone thereon not to do so or if there is placed on the premises in a conspicuous position near the entrance thereof a sign bearing the words, "No Trespassing," "No Pedestrians or Agents," "No Advertisement," "No Soliciting" or any similar notice, indicating in any manner that the occupants of the premises do not desire to be molested or to have their right of privacy disturbed or to have any handbills left upon their premises.

(Code 1973, § 3-16; Code 1992, § 20-95; Ord. No. 525-G, § 1, 3-7-2002)