Neighborhood Resource Guides

This is a compendium of resources that may assist neighborhoods in formation, re-activation, and ongoing success.  Content courtesy of CONA/Tallahassee and Orange County government.

Guide for Starting a Successful Neighborhood Association
This guide prepared by the City of Fayetteville, AR, functions as a neighborhood association toolbox that can assist you in starting your new neighborhood association. It includes suggested neighborhood projects, communication plans for group effectiveness, how to get involved in political action, and information on incorporation and nonprofit status.

A Manual for Neighborhood Associations
Prepared by the Neighborhood Services Office in College Station, TX, this manual provides information on the how to run a successful neighborhood organization. It also includes sample bylaws, agendas, flyers, and meeting plans.

Neighborhood Resource Guide (and How To)
The Orange County (Orlando) Neighborhood Resource Guide is a tool for neighborhood groups wishing to organize for the first time or to reactivate existing neighborhood organizations. This guide is a compilation of information derived from various community organization sources and is a valuable tool for all types of community organizations.

Neighborhood Association - Sample Bylaws
The Word document linked to above is an example of bylaws for a typical neighborhood association. Certain clauses and phrases may or may not be applicable to all associations. This sample should be edited to suit the needs of each individual association.